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Our Software

Gantner Instruments’ software strategy can be summed up in a single word: Open.

Our software suite is designed to allow you to get the most out of Gantner DAQ measurement systems. Included are tools for configuration, visualization and archiving of test and measurement data, as well as tools for the graphical programming of embedded automation functions in our test controller.

Are you already using data acquisition software from a leading supplier of choice – or using your own custom code – for your online or offline measurement tasks? No problem. Gantner supports all popular software platforms – seamlessly. We are the only company that is truly ‘platform-agnostic’. The appropriate drivers for connecting these software packages with our measurement systems can be found below.


The Universal Solution for Your Measurement Data

Adaptive and Scalable Platform for High Performance Edge Computing Services

Superior and Scalable Platform for Modern and Robust Measurement Setups


of Instrumentation Systems

Visualization and storage

of readings

Archiving of data

in networks or databases (server software)

Graphic programming

of PAC functions

Plugins & Drivers

Software solutions from our partner companies matched to our instrumentation and testing equipment

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