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Application areas for our DAQ solutions

Gantner Instruments provides measurement and control DAQ solutions across multiple industries

Today, extensive testing is mandatory before a car takes to the road, a helicopter flies passengers, a wind turbine generates energy, a bridge is taken into service, or a washing machine commences its household duties. Characteristics such as safety, quality and service life – expected by consumers and promised by the manufacturer – have to be guaranteed.

For who do we build our DAQ products and solutions?

Our monitoring products and solutions for test automation assist research institutes, manufacturers and test laboratories to responsibly accomplish these tasks.

Our DAQ solutions, your benefit

Gantner Instruments provides standardized DAQ products and individual measurement solutions for performance monitoring to enable you to understand your processes better – from the production of individual vehicle components to the assembly of an aircraft, from the acquisition of the properties of a solar power plant to the long-term monitoring of buildings.

Be inspired by our application portfolio.

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