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Electric Powertrain Testing

PHEV battery pack testing at GM’s Battery Test Lab

The Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid electric car with extended range, allows fuel and emission-free operation up to 65 kilometers (40 miles). the vehicle will be powered by lithium-ion battery pack produced by General Motors in the United States. Our system integration partner A&D Technology was selected by GM to supply the battery test benches to GM’s newly built, state-of-the-art Battery Test Lab in Warren, MI. A&D Technology selected Gantner’s Q.series I/O modules with 1200 VDC isolation for voltage and temperature measurement directly at the battery.

At GM’s Battery Test Lab various tests are being performed on the Li-ion battery packs:

  • Charge/discharge cycle testing – Determine the number of times a battery can be used by evaluating it until it deteriorates after repeated cycles of charging and discharging.
  • Safety (abuse) testing – Simulate a wide range of environmental conditions and battery failure scenarios in order to determine the conditions for battery failure.
  • Performance testing – Demonstrate the efficiency of batteries. Our experts can customize testing programs to suit specific customer requirements such as performance testing under various climatic conditions.
  • Environmental and thermal testing – Demonstrate the quality and reliability of your battery. Our tests include vibration, shock, EMC, thermal cycling, corrosion, dust, salt, and humidity tests.
  • Transport testing – Ensure your batteries can be transported safely. We conduct tests for the United Nations requirements (UN 38.3) for the safe transportation of batteries, modules, and cells

Battery test standards and specifications include DOE/ID-11069, DOE/ID-11173, IEC 62660-1/2, IEC 62133, ISO 12405-1/2, SAE J2464, SAND 2005-3123, SBA S1101 and UN 38.3

Key benefits of using the Q.series:

  • 3-way galvanic isolation, 500 or 1200 VDC; channel to channel, channel to power supply and channel to bus
  • Robust design with excellent electromagnetic compatibility
  • Superb long-term measurement stability
  • Seamlessly integrated DAQ system

The innovative High Isolation System is available in different housings to allow the best fit packaging for a wide variety of applications. 19”-systems, rail assembly or portable solutions are based on one technology. The channel granularity combined with the flexibility to freely mix and distribute modules, maximizes equipment utilization and productivity. Selectable interfaces to the automation system finally round off the high flexibility. EtherCAT, CAN as well as Ethernet interfaces are available.

Gantner Instruments is dedicated to help our customers transition smoothly from combustion engine technology to electric vehicles, supporting a sustainable mobility future.


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