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August 15, 2016

Q.bloxx A116: 25 mV/V with 50,000 µstrain

Gantner Instruments now offers its Q.bloxx A116 strain gauge module with an optional enhanced measurement range of 25 mV/V, which therefore allows quarter bridge measurements with up to 50,000 µstrain.

All kinds of measurements like 6-wire full, 4-wire full, 5-wire half and 3-wire half as well as 350ohms quarter-bridge are supported.

Key Features:

  • 8 Analog Input Channels for Bridges
    strain gauge bridges (full, half, quarter), 8 real parallel inputs, neither scanned nor multiplexed
  • Flexible Input
    DC bridge excitation 2 V and 4 V
    input range 1 mV/V and 5 mV/V
  • Fast High Accuracy Digitalization
    24 bit ADU, 10 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Signal Conditioning
    linearization, digital filter, average, scaling, min/max storage, arithmetic, alarm
  • Shunt Calibration Signal per Channel
  • Compatible with all Q.series Modules
    e.g. for displacement, temperature, counter, voltage, current, resistance, frequency, I/O
  • Galvanic Isolation
    channel to power supply and to interface
    isolation voltage 500 VDC


For More Information about Q.bloxx A-116 Multi-Channel Bridge Measurement Module click here:

Bridge Measurement DAQ Q.bloxx A116

Author: Rebekka Brunner