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The Bridge Between Gantner Instruments and LabVIEW™

The Q.bridge controller provides native LabVIEW™ connectivity to Gantner Instruments’ Q.series modules. The Q.series Driver is a suite of drivers programmed in LabVIEW™ that allows programmers to easily integrate Q.series measurement modules into their LabVIEW™ application. The suite consists of three main parts: the FPGA firmware (1) that communicates with the modules and transfers the measured data to the Real-Time firmware (2). The data is now available to the Host VIs (3) running on the client.

100% DAQmx Pin-Compatible set of VIs: The entire strucuture, from top to bottom is designed to work exactly the way a seasoned LabVIEW™ user would expect.

Platform-Agnostic Architecture: It doesn’t matter which version of LabView™ or operating system is being used, the network interface used by the Q.bridge stays the same. No compatibility issues, no issues with driver types or availability, and no DLLs!

Q.series Performance & Quality: Program comfortably in the LabVIEW™ environment accompanied with the benefits of Gantner measurement I/O. This includes acquisition of analog, digital, and counter channels, data synchronization at the hardware level, no multiplexing, galvanic isolation, and more!

Q.series Drivers vs. DAQmx VI Comparison:

The complete suite of Q.series drivers was built with LabVIEW user expectations in mind. With our 100% DAQmx pin-compatible VIs, the transition from DAQmx to Gantner Instruments Q.series is as easy as replacing a handful of VIs.


The Best of Both Worlds: Continue to create programs with LabVIEW, an environment you are comfortable with and the ability to use high performance DAQ hardware from Gantner Instruments. Some of these advantages includes:

   • Galvanic Isolation: all modules are galvanically isolated between the I/O, power supply, and interface.
   • Versatility: wide range of I/O types all in one device. The size of the system can be modified as the requirements change.
   • Signal Conditioning and Processing: both take place within the measurement module. Data that is read from the hardware is
already in the desired form. Filtering, scaling, etc. are all performed within the hardware.

Flexible and Compatible: The Q.bridge controller works with all Q.series modules. The controller is available for Q.bloxx and Q.brixx systems.

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