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Precise Acquisition of Current Measurements

The Q.series data acquisition modules has several measurement modules designed for measuring current signals. These modules allow for the measurement of the standard (0)4-20 mA range of current signals.

The A103 & A108 modules require an external shunt via an external terminal block to measure current signals.

These modules are also available in different housing. Please visit our Q.series page for more information. Depending on your requirements, Gantner Instruments has the modules to satisfy your voltage measurement needs!

Current Measurement DAQ:

  • Q.bloxx-A101
    2 channels, 100 kHz sample rate
  • Q.bloxx-A102
    1 channel, 100 kHz sample rate
  • Q.bloxx-A103
    8 channels (via shunt), 100 Hz sample rate
  • Q.bloxx-A107
    4 channels, 10 kHz sample rate
  • Q.bloxx-A108
    8 channels (via shunt), 10 kHz sample rate

Find more information and datasheets for each module below.

I/O Modules

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