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Civil Engineering

Test Automation – Civil Engineering

Gantner Instruments measurement systems help to ensure long term quality – from the testing of cement properties, component stress testing, and the continuous monitoring of large buildings and structures.

Q.bloxx precision data acquisition modules provide stable, accurate measurements in tests for the head of hydration of cement, testing of individual construction materials for strength and durability, and the strength of couplings such as plugs and anchors in anchor tear-out tests. Windows and doors must pass a heat test to be sure they withstand high fire temperatures. Gantner measurement systems accurately measure temperatures and stress even in extreme conditions with a high resistance to temperature and EMC interference. They can acquire force-displacement curves, and provide an assessment of the results.

Multiple housing options are available, making Gantner DAQ test and measurement modules suitable for use in laboratories or the most harsh testing environments.

Test of anchor
Fire security test

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