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Performance Monitoring – Aerospace

Aibus selects Gantner DAQ for Test Cell Upgrades

Compliance with all quality criteria is of utmost importance in aircraft assembly. Due to the dimensions, the tolerances are proportionately much smaller than in other industries. For example, the assembly of an aircraft fuselage necessitates work of the highest precision, as our case study at Airbus shows.

During the assembly of delivered fuselage components, the precise alignment of each segment is a prerequisite for high safety, the operational life of the aircraft, and optimum fuel consumption. This alignment is carried out using optical methods. Besides essential orientation, each connection must also be free of material stress. To test this, strain, force and torsion data are acquired at up to 100 measuring points. The quality objective can only be achieved when all components are connected in a stress-free state.

After extensive research and testing of systems from many of the most well-known test automation suppliers, Airbus chose Gantner Instruments universal Q.bloxx EtherCAT A106 DAQ modules to upgrade their component test cells. Read about this application by clicking on the image below.

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