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Fiber Optic Measurement Technology by Gantner Instruments

The F108 Optical Gage Amplifier seamlessly integrates with the Q.series X data acquisition platform. The modularity and versatility of the Q.series X product line can address any of your measurement challenges. Utilize GI.bench software for quick and easy setup and combine with GI.cloud for cloud storage and remote monitoring.

Fiber optic sensors provide high accuracy and high-resolution measurement of strain and temperature, beneficial for test and measurement applications involving extreme conditions where conventional sensors cannot perform well.

Advantages of fiber optic sensors

  • High-voltage isolation
  • EM and radiation immune
  • Inherently intrinsically safe
  • Insensitive to lightning strikes
  • Cryogenic and high temperature tolerant
Fiber Optic Measurement

Typical operating environments

Ionizing (gamma) radiation

Electromagnetic radiation

High voltage

Cryogenic and ultra-high temperature

Hazardous areas

Oil & Gas Monitoring

Measure temperature, vibration and strain in hazardous areas for condition monitoring of critical assets to reduce failure frequency and increase equipment reliability.

Transformer & Generator Monitoring

Measure vibration and voltage at high electric potential without electromagnetic interference.

Battery Testing & Monitoring

Non-conductive measurement of temperature, strain, and vibration for testing and monitoring new energy storage technologies while avoiding electrical safety hazards.

Electric Powertrain Testing

Performance testing and validation of powertrain components in electric vehicles and aircraft with temperature sensors exposed to electromagnetic fields.

Nuclear Power, Research & Fusion Reactor Monitoring

Ensure low sensor degradation with hermetically sealed sensors to monitor critical reactor components without the impact of high-energy gamma radiation and temperature.

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Space Simulation Testing

Measure strain, pressure, acceleration, and temperature in an environmental test chamber under cryogenic and high vacuum conditions.

All the benefits of fiber optic measurement without the hassle

8 inputs for strain, pressure, acceleration, temperature measurement

Universal signal conditioner for all types of measurement, fully configurable with GI.bench

Strain measurement up to 1100 µm/m

Long life due to excellent fatigue properties of fused silica

Pressure measurement up to 10000 PSI

Static and dynamic pressure measurements, a unique alternative for high temperature pressure measurements

Acceleration measurement up to 1000 g (peak)

For harsh environments, adjustable full range and constant % FS resolution

Temperature measurement up to 1000 °C

Excellent measurement uncertainty (+/-0.2°C) over the entire operating range

Measurement bandwidth up to 50 kS/s

Measure static and dynamic strain, pressure, acceleration, or temperature

Transmission distance up to 25 km

Long transmission distance between sensor and signal conditioner with no signal degradation


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