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Q.series – One System for All Applications

The innovative Q.series system is available in different housings to allow the best fit packaging for a wide variety of applications.

The measurement and control modules used, however, are all technically the same. One standard platform with flexible housing options. This allows various Q.series systems to easily work together: Q.bloxx on a test bench, Q.brixx for portable measurements, Q.staxx on an engine pallet, and Q.raxx in a switch cabinet.

All systems use the same exact tools for configuration and programming, the same exact tools for documentation, and the same exact software for data acquisition and analysis. All systems can be easily integrated together, and expanded as required. Each Q.series module has a unique set of features geared toward specific measurement and control requirements. This allows the modules to be mixed and matched as required to build the optimal system.

All modules share some key features:

  • Galvanic isolation (up to 1200 V) for each channel, supply and interface
  • Low susceptibility to electromagnetic interferences
  • Operating temperature in the range of -20 to +60 °C
  • 10 to 30 VDC power, 2 W per module

Distributed and flexible

The DIN-rail mount design of Q.bloxx provides the most flexibility and the most attractive price point, especially in smaller systems. The ability to freely mix and distribute measurement modules provides the highest in overall system adaptability and expandability. more…

Portable and compact

The Q.brixx system takes the functionality of the Q.series and delivers it in scalable and portable package housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure. Up to 16 modules can be added to the Q.brixx system, including a choice of test controllers, measurement modules, and a number of flexible signal conditioning options. more…

19” Rack mounting

Q.raxx 3U takes the functionality of the Q.bloxx family and provides it packaged in a 19″ rack mount chassis. With an integral test controller, the Q.raxx 3U provides 13 expansion slots (for up to 208 channels) with various front panel connector options. more…

Robust for pallets

To reduce set-up times and resulting high costs, devices are usually set up in the preparation room or the workshop. Subsequently, the entire assembly, including the operational measure­ment system, is transported to the test lab on a pallet. This speeds up the test procedure and substantially shortens preparation times in the test lab. more…