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Measurement Systems

Our Measurement Systems

Our product development particularly focuses on the following characteristics:


We specialize in temperature measure­ment, strain gauge signals, and frequencies and voltages up to 1500 V. Here we offer solutions that border on the limits of the feasible, such as tempera­ture measure­ment using a Pt100 sensor with a stability of 0,02° C/K. We select especially stable components for strain gauge measure­ment, which guarantee optimal results due to their ingenious circuitry.


Our modular, scalable measure­ment systems can be connected to all sensors commonly used in test applica­tions. Signal conditio­ning capabili­ties extend well beyond measurement: features like data acquisition, data compres­sion algorithms, real-time process control, and PID control enable completely stand-alone solutions. The hardware-based synchroniza­tion of all components ensures virtually jitter-free acquisition of all measured quantities. Various industrial interfaces also permit easy integration into higher-level systems.


The galvanic isolation of each measure­ment channel, including power supply and interface, is standard in our instrumen­tation. This helps minimize negative influences such as channel crosstalk, signal inter­ference and signal distur­bances. Not only do our products function flawlessly in labora­tory conditions, but they are especially effective in harsh industrial environ­ments.

Learn more about the advantages of our measurement systems:


Distributed and flexible

The DIN-rail mount design of Q.bloxx provides the most flexibility and the most attractive price point, especially in smaller systems. The ability to freely mix and distribute measurement modules provides the highest in overall system adaptability and expandability. more…

Portable and compact

The Q.brixx system takes the functionality of the Q.series and delivers it in scalable and portable package housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure. Up to 16 modules can be added to the Q.brixx system, including a choice of test controllers, measurement modules, and a number of flexible signal conditioning options. more…

19” Rack mounting

Q.raxx 3U takes the functionality of the Q.bloxx family and provides it packaged in a 19″ rack mount chassis. With an integral test controller, the Q.raxx 3U provides 13 expansion slots (for up to 208 channels) with various front panel connector options. more…

Robust for pallets

To reduce set-up times and resulting high costs, devices are usually set up in the preparation room or the workshop. Subsequently, the entire assembly, including the operational measure­ment system, is transported to the test lab on a pallet. This speeds up the test procedure and substantially shortens preparation times in the test lab. more…



The distributed modules acquire all established analog and digital measurement signals and process signals in industrial area. more…