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December 15, 2016

Strain Measurements on Flexible Pipeline Systems

Flexible pipeline testing at NOV in Denmark

NOV (National Oilwell Vacro) is a global company in all fields of drilling and conveying technology. NOV supports the world’s most advanced drilling solutions in the oil and gas industry.

NOV in Denmark tests flexible pipeline systems with Q.bloxx modules. Here almost 150 measuring channels are used in a test system:

  • 10 x IEPE with 5 x Q.bloxx A101
  • 24 x current with 3 x Q.bloxx A108
  • 12 x Pt100 with 3 x Q.bloxx A107
  • 96 x SG with 12 x Q.bloxx A116
  • Multiple digital I/Os

The measured data is recorded at a rate of 10 kHz. A data logger configured in the Q.station test controller records the measured data and the raw data. The recorded data is transferred to an SQL database using the test.node server software.

At present, four test systems are being built; others are being planned.

Testing is performed in cooperation with our Danish partner IPC Teknik ApS.