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VIW – Dam Monitoring at a Mountain Water Reservoir

VIW – Dam Monitoring at a Mountain Water Reservoir

At cement injections in to the rocky ground under the dam basement area for a stabilization of the dam, high pressures are necessary to reach the aimed effect. On the other hand must be guaranteed that due to the injection pressure a lifting of the dam will be avoid.

For that reason at all the barrier blocks a disposition has to be controlled by the data logger IDL 100, to stop the injection in case of danger. The disposition has to measured with a resolution of 0,1 arch sec (=36000 part of a arch degree), to be supervised and to be stored in the logger during the process.

Why the IDL Data Logger was Selected:

  • Very precise measurements are logged.
  • A high number of measuring points can be measured.
  • Sufficient number of measurements can be stored.
  • A stable and robust fieldbus connection over a long distance is possible.
  • The price performance relationship.

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