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30.08.2017 | from Annette Kehrer

Test Measurement DAQ for SEDS sponsored by Gantner Instruments

Gantner Instruments, Inc. is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the SEDS-Students for the Exploration and Development of Space-organization at the University of California San Diego.  Gantner Instruments provided the data acquisition system required for their Colossus Static Fire System Test Stand.  This full test system is complete with Gantner’s Q.station PLC controller, precision DAQ modules for TC, Voltage, Current, Resistance and Pt100.

The Gantner Instruments DAQ system is designed to receive signals from the test stand’s sensors and send reports back to the operator for monitoring and control. The Q.station controller is being programmed to automatically respond to errors and actuate fire safety valves to prevent System failures.

Construction recently began on the test stand by the SEDS software and electronics team.  Gantner Instruments Technical Support team provided training on the use of the hardware and software and help with the initial configuration of the test stand DAQ system.



We will post more updates as construction continues on the Colossus project!


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