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15.11.2017 | from Stephan Ploegman

Test Like You Fly, Fly Like You Test

When building a rocket there is a whole flight certification process, and qualification is an important part of that.  It proves the hardware meets the requirements and performs the way it is designed to do. Of all parts of a rocket, the engine section is perhaps the most critical during launch. The weight of the massive rocket is pushing down, while the engines are pushing up with millions of pounds of thrust. Whether it is an engine for experimental rockets or for commercial spaceflight, adequate testing is critical to the success of each launch program. Engine testing is done in the same way and for the same duration that will be needed during an actual launch. The idea is to replicate as close as possible how the engine will be used on a space mission. That is why there is a saying in the rocket business: “Test Like You Fly, Fly Like You Test”.

Because of the cost and risk associated with developing and testing an engine, a reliable test setup is vital. Maintaining system consistency and accuracy in a harsh environment is putting stringent requirements on the data acquisition equipment. DAQ systems must be able to record, display and process up to 2000 different parameters, varying from pressures, flow rates, vibrations and temperatures. Real-time sample rates may vary form 10 Hz to several kHz. The Q.series’s accuracy, flexibility and reliability makes it the data acquisition system of choice for world’s leading engine manufacturers and engine testing facilities.

Please read the full article on our measurement solution for rocket engine testing in Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2018.

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