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July 24, 2018

New Monitoring Solution – Q.series Portable

For short-term or rout-based condition monitoring of various assets we now provide a portable system solution. Our new Q.series Portable based on Q.station 101 and OEM-boards for analog and digital inputs contained in a robust transport case is fully engineered and ready to use ‘out of the box’. The electronic boards and the power supply system are mounted on shock absorbers to withstand heavy-duty work under harsh environments in the field.

The Q.series Portable is available in two versions:

  • Q.series Portable – Standard with up to 32 user defined channels
  • Q.series Portable – Extended with up to 64 user defined channels and inbuild touch Display

Both versions have inbuild storage device extendable with USB drives and can be extended by further modules e.g. Q.staxx on two UARTS. With customized plugs and sockets for sensor connection and inbuild sensor excitation for example for MEMS sensors the system is ready to use after very short installation time. With special cable entries sensor cables with installed plugs can be inserted into the transport case while providing an IP protection grade of IP54 / IP63 (depending on type of cable entry).

The Q.series Portable can be installed close to a machine, equipment, plant, etc. or  extended across a large area with daisy chained additional modules. Connectable and networkable by Ethernet to other Gantner DAQ systems or remote computers for data visualization, data can be internally logged with inbuild storage or accessible USB drive ports. With the OPC UA interface of the Q.station also an online connection to SCADA systems is possible. 4G/LTE Modem for automated data transfer to customer host or GI.cloud can be ordered as an option.

With the different interfaces you have the choice to use it as a stand-alone data logger or visualize the live data on GI.bench, GI.cloud or with a customized user interface made with Python.

For more information about the Q.series Portable check out the flyers:

Q.series Portable Flyer Standard

Q.series Portable Flyer Extended

Author: Benedikt Heinz

Benedikt Heinz is Gantner Instrument's Vice President and Global Sales Manager.

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