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July 7, 2016

High-Isolation Voltage Measurement DAQ

Q.brixx A123 – High Isolation Input Module for Voltages

All Q.brixx I/O modules are complete measurement systems in rugged aluminum housing for extreme environments. They do much more than a typical I/O module. Each module packs it’s own microprocessor, FPGA, and has 24-bit A/D converters on every channel. The result is an I/O module that can handle all data acquisition (DAQ), isolation, signal conditioning, fault detection, alarming, averaging, and more, all before the data is even sampled by the system. More than a dozen I/O module types are available allowing you to mix and match measurement features with your applications requirements.

Q.brixx is integrated, scalable, and portable DAQ with acquisition up to 100 kHz per channel, channel-to-channel isolation (up to 1200VDC), sensor conditioning, filtering, linearization, and conversion to engineering units, all at the I/O measurement level. The integral Q.gate test controller handles the data synchronization, buffering, time stamping, and communication to the automation system or PC over Ethernet (TCP, UDP, Modbus, etc.). The overall result is a portable measurement system that’s up to the test.

Key Features of Q.brixx A123 Voltage Measurement DAQ:

• 4 galvanically isolated input channels
• Voltages at high potential, ranges 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V
• Insulation voltage 1200 VDC, short-term 5000 VDC
• Fast high accuracy digitalization 24 bit ADU, 10 kHz sample rate per channel
• Signal conditioning
• 16 virtual channels, linearization, digital filter, average, scaling,
• Min/max storage, RMS, arithmetic, alarm


For more information about Q.brixx A123, click here: High Isolation Voltage DAQ Q.brixx A123

Author: Rebekka Brunner

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