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Success Stories

February 10, 2013

Blade Test Center Selects Strain Gauge Measurement from Gantner Instruments

After extensive tests, BLAEST in Aalborg (Denmark) decided to use Q.bloxx A116 modules for strain gauge measurement.

The Blade Test Center in Aalborg (Denmark) checks for leading manufacturers of wind turbines, the strength of rotor blades. For this, about 300 strain gauge measuring points along the rotor blade are applied. In addition forces (actuators) and voltages are collected. The test is initially static and then dynamic.

For 3 new test benches BLAEST was looking for a measuring system that meets the following requirements:

  • Precise acquisition of the signals of strain gauge quarter bridges for a cable length
    of up to 120 m
  • Synchronicity of all recorded measuring signals with a bandwidth up to 500 Hz
  • High interference resistance and long term stability


With the module Q.bloxx A116 a high-quality measuring module with 8 parallel measuring channels for strain gauge full, half and quarter bridges won the race ahead of other well established products for strain gauge measurement.

A special feature offers the module with der compensation of influences of long cables, even in quarter bridge measurement.

Furthermore, it is possible to capture with the used Test Controller Q.station up to 1000 measuring channels with a maximum jitter of <1 µs without any additional synchronization wires.

For the high temperature stability internal bridge completion resistors (350 Ω and 120 Ω) provide with a temperature coefficient of 0.05 ppm/K.

The high packing density (8 parallel, non-scanned measuring channels) with width on DIN rail of only 28 mm and the channel rate, were the final criteria for choosing the Q.series.

Measuring module Q.bloxx A116 with 8 parallel measuring channels
Schema of a loading installation

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