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September 18, 2019

Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Your next step towards reduced product development cycles, increased efficiency, and exceptional reliability begins at the booth no 6048 at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan.

From October 22 – 24, the Suburban Collection Showplace is hosting the world’s most extensive collection of both full vehicle and component testing as well as validation technologies and services.

Don’t miss Gantner’s innovations at Automotive Testing Expo!

Gantner Instruments develops intelligent, open architectures and uses a modern business approach that allows the creation of countless unique solutions with our customers.

Each application is different, and needs of our customers are thus diverse. So our products offer the flexibility necessary to take any application seriously.

Are you looking for a compact, portable, and robust DAQ solution for potentially harsh environments or a high-density measurement system suitable for up to thousands of channels with high-precision synchronization? Visit our booth 6048. Our team of experts can guide you in the right direction.

Q.series X

Stop by Gantner Instruments’ booth for a demonstration of the newest technology in data acquisition – Q.series X – the eXtended edition of the wildly successful Q.series product family. Q.series X embodies Gantner’s long-standing experience in the development of data acquisition solutions, the latest developments in edge computing technology, and precious customer feedback. With Q.series X, you’ll enjoy improved signal conditioning, increased ADC and data rates, and additional functionality, such as module configuration during operation. Q.series X pushes the limits of power, flexibility, and user-friendliness to the neXt level.

Do not miss the newest additions to our measurement module line-up. Gantner Instruments now covers an even more extensive spectrum of measurement capabilities with Q.series X.

Q.boost A101

The speedster amongst our new modules, the Q.boost A101, features 4 Mhz sampling and is the most accurate amplifier available on the market. It features 24-bit resolution, the lowest signal to noise ratio, and is ideally suited to measure signals anywhere from DC to 1.7MHz bandwidth making this module perfect for applications involving EV inverters.

Visit booth 6048 to see how the high-speed Q.boost A101 solves your future needs in measuring E-drive efficiency.

A141 Charge Amplifier

The new A141 Charge Amplifier module features two measurement modes for either near static signals or fast transient and pulsating signals. This addition to our line-up is ideal for measuring challenges involving accelerometer, force, and pressure sensors. You’ll never have to worry about drift or noise with the A141 as its innovative design keeps both very low, and even the price might impress as well.

A121 Multipurpose High Isolation I/O

Need an I/O product with both high isolation and multipurpose inputs? That is where the Q.series X A121 comes in. Like all of our products that feature high voltage isolation, the A121 boasts an isolation voltage of 1200 VDC / 858 VAC permanent. However, unlike its high isolation predecessors, it also offers two inputs suitable for several sensor types making the Q.series X A121 a very beneficial supplemental module for many high voltage applications.


Visit us at booth 6048 to experience our latest GI.bench developments at a live demo. GI.bench is a digital platform for modern and robust measurement setups. It provides users with a combination of software tools for configuration, connectivity, fundamental analytics, and visualization for your application. There are so many possibilities this software can offer you, and it is impossible to describe all of them in a short blog. So swing by the Gantner booth for an in-depth tour with our GI.bench experts.

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Visit us at booth 6048!

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Automotive Testing Expo

Novi, Michigan
Oct 22 ‑ 24, 2019
Booth 6048


Author: Rebekka Brunner

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