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Test Automation – Industries

Industrial applications are diverse and place special demands on flexibility, precision and dynamics. To meet these requirements, leading manufacturers rely on Gantner Instruments precision test and measurement data acquisition and control for a variety of test measurement applications.

Q.bloxx DAQ systems provide stable and accurate measurements for high-voltage requirements, torque, speed, pressure, dynamic force, strain, and vibration.

Gantner Instruments precision DAQ modules provide stable, accurate measurements in high temperatures and other extreme environments with high resistance to EMC interference.

Motor test in washing machines

Here, our high-voltage modules offer an isolation voltage of 1200 VDC in use.

Functionality testing of water pumps

Measurement of important functional parameters, e.g. torque, speed and pressure.

Monitoring cutting tools

Dynamic data acquisition of the vibration, force and strain on the tool during operation in the machine.

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