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Test Automation – Energy

The sustainable supply of energy represents one of the greatest challenges for the future of mankind. Irrespective of where energy is sourced – from wind, solar, hydro, nuclear or fusion – our products are involved from the initial basic research stage through to the operation of a power station.

Applications frequently involve research carried out in difficult conditions, such as force measurement using special strain gauges in a fusion reactor in a magnetic field of 3 Tesla, or the detection of temperatures close to absolute zero (superconductivity -270 ° C).

We are also often involved with standardized tests, for example, the measurement of load on wind turbines in accordance with IEC 61400-13. In these cases, we generally acquire strain, torque, positioning and meteorological data. In addition to the pure measurement function, we also offer solutions with powerful data recording and archiving options.

Other applications include the measurements of fatigue on steam pipes, the examination of oil pipeline materials, or testing the dynamic strength and durability of wind turbine blades using several hundred strain gauges.

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