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Automotive and Transportation

Test Automation – Automotive and Transportation

The development of new vehicles poses multiple test and measurement challenges: reducing the emissions and fuel consumption of conventional internal combustion engines, preparing new engines for full scale production, development of alternative (hybrid/electric) drive systems and the reduction of vehicle weight through intelligent design and new materials.

We offer innovative data acquisition and I/O measurement solutions for designed for these applications.

  • Fail-safe measurement of all relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed, torque, etc.
  • Electrically isolated signal inputs and synchronous acquisition
  • Secure and real-time data transfer  (EtherCAT, Profibus-DP)
  • Open interfaces to any automation system


  • Fuel cells, hybrid, electric drive, battery test, charging, discharging, short-circuiting, thermal loading, cell and total stress
  • Measurement modules for voltages of 100 mV to 1200 V
  • Non-isolated thermocouples or voltages with continuous isolation of 1200 VDC, 1000 VDC CAT II, 600 VDC CAT III, test voltage 5000 VDC
  • High EMC/RFI immunity


Durability Testing
  • Combined measurement and control of a single component or a complete subsystem/vehicle
  • Acquisition of material stresses using strain gauges in full-, half- and quarter-bridge (DC or carrier frequency) configurations, inductive transducers, LVDT, IEPE sensors and Pt100
  • Synchronous measurements, precise and conditioned up to 100 kHz per channel

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