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Automotive and Transport

Test Automation – Automotive and Transport

The development of new vehicles poses three main challenges: reducing the consumption of conventional internal combustion engines, preparedness for series production, acceptance of alternative drive systems and the reduction of vehicle weight through intelligent design and new materials.

We offer innovative solutions for precisely these tasks.

  • Fail-safe measurement of all relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed, torque, etc.
  • Electrically isolated signal inputs and synchronous acquisition
  • Secure and real-time data transfer  (EtherCAT, Profibus-DP)
  • Open interfaces to any automation system
  • Fuel cells, hybrid, electric drive, battery test, charging, discharging, short-circuiting, thermal loading, cell and total stress
  • Measurement modules for voltages of 100 mV to 1200 V
  • Non-insulated thermocouples, isolation voltage 1200 VDC, 1000 VDC CAT II, 600 VDC CAT III, test voltage 5000 VDC
  • High EMC immunity
  • Combined measurement and control of a component to complete vehicles
  • Acquisition of material stresses using strain gauges in full-, half- and quarter-bridge (DC or carrier frequency) configurations, inductive transducers, LVDT, IEPE sensors and Pt100
  • Synchronous, precise and conditioned up to 100 kHz