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Measurement Technology for Energy Generation and consumption

Our Energy performance and asset monitoring solutions

Relevant environmental data, information from generators and the energy grid are recorded synchronously and decentrally, and can be easily integrated via standardized and open interfaces. For the plant operator, this data is easily accessible so that specific analyzes and reports can be created quickly.

Also, pioneering energy research projects with difficult boundary conditions, such as strain measurement with special strain gauges on a fusion reactor in a 3 Tesla magnetic field, or the detection of temperatures near absolute zero (superconductivity -270 ° C) are possible with Gantner Instruments.

Standardized tests and audits for e.g. load measurement of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-13 are also part of the Gantner Instruments solutions. This mainly includes strains, moments, positional and meteorological data. In addition to precise DAQ, our solutions also provide powerful data logging and archiving options.

Other applications include steam pipe fatigue testing, oil pipeline material testing, and dynamic strength and life testing on wind blades with hundreds of strain gauges.

Pump storage power plants

Large pump storage hydroelectric plants, usually at high altitudes, store surplus energy by pumping water (potential energy) from a catchment basin into a barrier lake over 1,000 m (approx. 3,000 ft) higher. To generate power, water is discharged through turbines into the basin below. For the operator, it is important to keep the time for switching from pumping to generating electricity as short as possible. This process is monitored using hundreds of measuring points, and results are recorded and stored in a database.

Solar power plants

Solar power plants should operate as efficiently as possible. To ensure this, we offer complete monitoring solutions from simple PV string monitoring through complete monitoring of a solar plant, including individual web-based portal solutions. This enables operators and investors to determine the output of their solar power plant, and identify potential for improvement through intelligent algorithms.

During dam construction, cement needed to be injected at high pressure into the rock under the dam foundations to achieve the prespecified stability. In addition, the contractors had to guarantee that the injection pressure would not unseat or lift the dam. For this reason the injectors pumps need to be controlled at each barrier block.

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