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VDZ – Research Institute of the Cement Industry

VDZ – Research Institute of the Cement Industry

Quality inspection of different cements.

The measurement of hydration heat released during the dissolving process is a standard procedure to check the quality of cements. The tests are sequenced in precise timed steps, with measurements at each step and phase. The hydration heat, measured on calorimeters over periods of hours or days is a dimension for determining the quality of the cement. VDZ selected Gantner Instruments e.bloxx A5-1 for the precision temperature measurements required.

The controller e.pac controlled the time flow, started the agitation motors in the 6 calorimeters, visualized and stored the measured values and makes these via Ethernet available to the server of the institute. The programming of the e.pac was created with the graphical software tool e.con.

Why Gantner Instruments was Selected:

  • Precise logging of the temperature characteristics in the range of 0.02 °C.
  • Complete processing of the inspection inclusive chronology, motor control system, limit value monitoring, PC independent data backup and data transmission to the measuring server.
  • Input interface, visualization, graphical programming of the e.pac controller and organization with e.con
  • The e.pac controller was used for time flow, to start the agitation motors in the 6 calorimeters, and to visualize and store the measured values, then make the measurements available via Ethernet to the institute.

Detailed information about the e.bloxx successor Q.bloxx A105 for precise
temperature measurement can be found here.

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